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The entries and galleries for all the digital competitions dating  from the latter part of 2014 are now placed on our club Flickr site.

View these at;


(NB Check the Galleries for specific competitions)

To enter any digital competitions please email jpeg images (under 2MB  and over 300kb per file.) to;


 Shaun Palmer at [email protected]



The Digital Challenge criteria are:

  • Digital format only
  • Photos must be less than two years old
  • Photos must not have been entered in a previous challenge
  • Limit of 3 images per person.   
  • Entries must be submitted by midnight on the Monday prior to the Camera Club’s monthly meeting
  • Entries will be judged by a guest speaker or nominated judge. Usually place awards (first, second etc) are not given, and the judge chooses a (flexible) number of images that are deemed to be of high merit.  Judging criteria are approximate equal weighting for; relevance to the theme; technical expertise; wow factor or ability to grab the viewer. 


NB Visitors are invited to enter our competitions

Monthly Digital Challenge 2018 Themes


February; Anything suggesting or representing Summer but taking with a smart phone

March; Pattern 

April; Marco or Closeup

May; Telling a Story

June; Colour Harmony

July; Fences

August;  Night Photography

September; Just Rocks

October;  Letters and or Numbers

November; Seascape

December;  Best of 2018